• SAISHIKOMI (double-brewed): produced from equal amounts of soybeans and wheat, but twice the amount that is used in regular soy sauce, as it is made from regular (koikuchi) soy sauce instead of water and salt. This is the specialized saishikomi soy sauce which is not heated or pasteurized, making a naturally delicious soy sauce.
  • ANCIENT JAPANESE BREWING METHOD: It is fermented and matured in a large cedar wooden barrel over two summers, following over 200 years of traditional methods. Over the course of two summers, the saltiness is removed and becomes round with time, and the original taste of soy sauce is brought out.
  • PURE INGREDIENTS: In order to provide you with the full benefits and a lack of side effects, we have prepared an all-natural soy sauce in which the main ingredient, soybeans, is totally free of toxins. This soy sauce is produced only from soybeans wheat, salt and alcohol. No additives, GMO crops, artificial flavors or preservatives are used. Enjoy the greatness of this purely mouthwatering soy sauce.
  • This product contains less salt, please store it in the refrigerator after opening.

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