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  • ANCIENT JAPANESSE BREWING METHOD: Our Soy Sauce is produced using ancient soy sauce brewery in the Shodoshima Inland sea as part of seasoning tradition that has lasted 160 years. We manufacture authentic soy sauce through technology and the know-how that we mastered over many years.
  • SMOOTH & BALANCED TASTE: The mellowness and tastiness is comparable to those made with soybeans and wheat. For sashimi or simmered dishes, please use just like ordinary dense soy sauce. If you haven’t tasted it yet your taste buds are missing out. Click “Add to Cart” Now and savor these healthy legumes!
  • PERFECT ALTERNATIVE: It is made by changing soy protein & wheat starch. With nearly equal amounts of protein and starch in soybean, instead of soybeans and wheat, the fava beans (or so called "soramame" in Japanese) were chosen as the perfect substitute. The protein turns to umami, starch turns into scent and sweetness.
  • 100% SAFE AND ALLERGEN FREE: Fava bean has zero soybeans or wheat making it safe for people with allergies of soy seasoning. Purely made from kidney beans and undergoes thorough and strict testing for allergens before any shipment is done.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: Fermentation take the recommended 2 years; we don’t compromise on quality like local brewers. We don’t use imported denatured soybeans. It’s just the good old way of all-natural ingredients and long fermentation period for production of a deeply savory soy sauce.
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