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Yamaroku Shoyu

About Yamaroku Shoyu:

Yamaroku is a soy sauce brewery on Shodo island, which is an island that is famous for soy sauce production. Yamaroku Soy Sauce is located at the end of a complex alley way, not on the main street. It is located at the foot of a mountain on the way from the Uchinomi Bay to Kankakei mountain. 

Yasuo Yamamoto

As there is no record, the exact year of its establishment is unknown. However, it is said that it was established about 150 years ago. The name of the brewery, Yamaroku, is derived from the fact that the originator, whose name was "Rokurobei," lived at the foot of the Mt. Kankakei, which is also the current location of the brewery, so it came to be called "Yamaroku," which was short for the Japanese "Yama no Fumoto no Rokurobei" or "Rokurobei who lives at the foot of the mountain." Currently, the fifth generation owner, Yasuo Yamamoto, is managing the brewery.

Vision / Passion / Specialty:

Yasuo Yamamoto is a passionate artisan. Their products are naturally brewed with no additives and aged by kioke barrels. Also, to preserve the kioke barrels for future generations, he began the kioke Craftsmen Revival Project (more details).


Tsurubishio (Saishikomi (doubled-brewed) soy sauce) :

100 mL:

Yamaroku Soy Sauce's overwhelmingly popular product is called Tsurubishio. It takes 4 years to be brewed, which is unprecedented even in Japan. Normally, Koikuchi (regular color) soy sauce is brewed with salted water. However, as Tsurubishio is a Saishikomi soy sauce, it is double-brewed by using soy sauce instead of salted water. The best way to enjoy this product is to just pour it over your food.

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18 oz (532 mL): 26.9$

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Kikubishio (Regular (doubled-brewed) soy sauce) 100 mL:

Kikubishio, another popular product, is a soy sauce made from black soy beans, which are known as the diamonds of the fields and grown in Tamba City (丹波市) in Hyogo prefecture. This koikuchi (regular color) soy sauce is characterized by its simple and crisp umami taste. 

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Black soy beans:

Kiku tsuyu (Dashi (broth) soy sauce) 500 mL:

Kiku tsuyu (broth) is "Dashi-shoyu (soy sauce with broth)" .
Dashi shoyu is so popular in Japan, since you can easily enjoy authentic taste, such as Soba, Udon or source for Tempra. When using, please add some water to dilute it to your taste, as this is concentrated type. In addition to the Kikubishio as a base soy sauce, kelp is from Hokkaido, Bonito, brown sugar and mirin is from Kagoshima.

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Our visit to Yamaroku:


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