• Yamaroku Soy Sauce's overwhelmingly popular product is called Tsurubishio. It takes 4 years to be brewed, which is unprecedented even in Japan.
  • Normally, Koikuchi (regular color) soy sauce is brewed with salted water. However, as Tsurubishio is a Saishikomi soy sauce, it is double-brewed by using soy sauce instead of salted water.
  • After 2 years of aging, this soy sauce is brewed in the barrel for 2 more years. It is a soy sauce that pursues a richness and softness of taste. It goes well with vanilla ice cream, sashimi and meat along with wasabi and soy sauce. 
  • The best way to enjoy this product is to just pour it over your food.
  • Currently shipped to US only.

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