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Fueki Shoyu

About Fueki Shoyu

Kawashima, a town which specializes in agriculture, is located in central Saitama Prefecture and is a water-rich town, where rivers such as the Arakawa run throughout the town. The head office of Fueki Soy Sauce company is located in the countryside near a residential district.

The soy sauce is also brewed at the head office and you can buy product directly there. In the neighboring city of Kawagoe there is a branch office for direct sales and also a restaurant which is called Unton Place Shunka-Shuto where you can taste dishes made with their soy sauce. The restaurant is loved by the local people.

Vision / Passion / Specialty:

Fueki soy sauce company was founded in 1789 (the first year of Kansei era), so this year the company celebrates its 230th year in business. The area once flourished as the granary of the Kawagoe domain and soy sauce production started in there because it is a naturally rich area surrounded by rivers. Not only making soy sauce, they opened their restaurant in 1995 so that many people could enjoy their soy sauce. Currently, the tradition has been passed down to Masashi Fueki who is the 12th generation president of the company.

Kinbue low sodium soy sauce is the core product of Fueki soy sauce company. About 40 years ago, they created their original salt reduction technology, which was well ahead of its time. Without changing the umami of the soy sauce, they reduced 50% of the salt. Since its production in 1980, this product has become a long selling product which is loved by many people. Their uncompromisingly produced product is called "Kinbue Saijikomi Kijoyu," which is made with raw soy sauce instead of salt water. You can feel the richness of the taste and aroma of soy sauce.

Having developed their salt reduction technology about 40 years ago, the Fueki soy sauce company took advantage of that technology to develop many new products before other companies could. They produced dressings, sauces and even sweets using soy sauce. They are not just satisfied with their history and tradition. They keep trying to create new products that meet people's needs using their original technologies. The sweets made with soy sauce can be tasted at their restaurant, Unton Place Shunka-Shuto

Saishikomi (doubled-brewed) Nama (raw) Shoyu:

Saishikomi soy sauce is produced from equal amounts of soybeans and wheat, but twice the amount that is used in regular soy sauce, as it is made from regular (koikuchi) soy sauce instead of water and salt. This is the specialized saishikomi soy sauce which is not heated or pasteurized, making a naturally delicious soy sauce.

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Low Sodium Soy Sauce:

This soy sauce is produced the with the same traditional process as the other soy sauces, so it contains same umami, but 50% lower sodium compared to the regular (koikuchi) soy sauce.


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Fueki Saishikomi Soy Sauce:

SAISHIKOMI (double-brewed): produced from equal amounts of soybeans and wheat, but twice the amount that is used in regular soy sauce, as it is made from regular (koikuchi) soy sauce instead of water and salt. This is the specialized saishikomi soy sauce which is not heated or pasteurized, making a naturally delicious soy sauce.

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