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Takesan Co.,Ltd.

About Takesan Co., Ltd.

The head office of Takesan is located at Yasudakabuto Shodoshima-cho Shozu-gun, which is five minutes by car from Kusakabe Port, one of the main ports of Shodo island. To the south of the head office, there is a tourist attraction called Soy Sauce Village, or "Hishio no Sato" (醤の郷) in Japanese, where it is brimming with the historical atmosphere of soy sauce and tsukudani (fish boiled in soy sauce) factories as well as soy sauce breweries. In a part of this Hishio no Sato, can be found "Takesan Memorial Shodo Island Tsukudani Village, Ittokuan", where we can buy Takesan's products.

The founder of Takesan, Yoshiji Takebe, contributed to the development of the soy sauce industry in Shodo island by continuing to be involved in the production of soy sauce while the industry was still growing.

In July 1966, he established Kansai Soy Sauce Co., Ltd. in Yasuda District, Shodo island because of the requests of the local soy sauce manufacturers. He stepped up to establish the company because he had a lot of experience, such as being the president of Shodo Island Soy Sauce Cooperative. Later, the company changed its name to Takesan Co., Ltd. and is continuing their expansion driven by their high quality soy sauce.


Vision / Passion / Specialty:

Kishibori Soy Sauce is koikuchi (regular color) soy sauce pressed from naturally fermented hishio moromi (fermenting mash for soy sauce) that has been brewed with the whole soybean, wheat and natural salt before being allowed to ferment for more than one year in kioke barrel.

No preservatives, chemical seasonings, or sweeteners are used in their soy sauce. One of their newly released items, a bottle that can retain its freshness on the tabletop and can maintain the same deliciousness for up to 90 days at room temperature after being opened. It is perfect for sushi and sashimi.

Kishibori shoyu:


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Kishibori shoyu (Freshly bottled):

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