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Nitto Jozo (Nitto Brewing Corporation)

About Nitto Jozo

Nitto Brewing Corporation is located in Matsue Town, Hekinan City, Aichi Prefecture, which is where “Asuke's Springs water” can be found. The whole area is surrounded by the rich nature of Oku Mikawa and Otaga.

Nitto Brewing Corporation uses some abandoned elementary school buildings to brew soy sauce.

In the early Taisho period, the first generation owner, Suekichi Kamiya, started producing white soy sauce and other sauces at the current location. He named his company Ryoguchiya Shouten. Later, in 1954, they changed the name to Nitto Brewing corporation. The second generation owner, Yoshiro Ninagawa, reconsidered the white soy sauce's brewing method and started to make his sauces with specific ingredients and brewing methods. These are the same types of ingredients and methods that are used to brew the current white soy sauce.

The sauce that they make is called Mikawa Shiro Tamari and was officially launched in 1993. Since then, improvements have continued and in 1999 the sales of Mikawa Shiro Tamari Brewed in Asuke officially started. From 1991 to 1994, they received the Director's General of Food Agency Prize for four consecutive years. Between 1996 and 2005, their white soy sauce was awarded the same prize 4 more times.

Vision / Passion / Specialty:

The representative product is called Mikawa Shiro Tamari Brewed in Asuke. It is naturally brewed in wooden barrels that have been used for many years. The ingredients are wheat from Aichi Prefecture and traditional sea salt called Umi no Sei from Izu Oshima. No Chemical seasonings and preservatives are added. Shiro tamari is milder in taste than white soy sauce and brings out the delicate taste of the dishes it is served with. Many broths (dashi) and noodle sauces (tsuyu) based on shiro tamari are also on sale, so you can casually enjoy it with soba noodles and hot pot (nabe) dishes.

In order to fully pursue the deliciousness and beauty of shiro tamari, Nitto Jozo have developed a process that does not require soy beans. The beautiful amber colored shiro tamari is made of wheat produced in Aichi Prefecture, sea salt called Umi no Sei from Izu Oshima and water that is called Asuke's spring water. That water is made by the rich nature of Oku Mikawa and Otaga. After it is carefully brewed in a traditional wooden barrel, shiro tamari has a natural and gentle taste which has not changed in a very long time.

Shiro Tamari (White Tamari):

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