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Ito Shoten


Ito Shoten, which is located in Taketoyo Town in Chita County, Aichi Prefecture, is known as the first place that tamari soy sauce was produced.

This being the case, several other breweries of tamari soy sauce are also located in Taketoyo Town.

Ito Shoten was established in the Bunsei era of Edo (from about 1818 to 1831). The owner of the brewery is now the 9th generation of the family called "Denemon."

Denemon has been protecting the microorganisms in the Kioke (wooden barrels) and storehouses for generations because they are the family treasure of the brewery.

The Koji mold has been fermenting for more than two centuries, it is known for its longevity and high quality. 

Using the power of time and the change of temperature driven by the four seasons, it has produced a delicious moromi that cannot be found anywhere else.

Ito Shoten, which is good at making koji, continues to refine their products through the brewing techniques that were passed down from generation to generation. They continue to produce the best koji even today.



Tamari soy sauce is made differently from Koikuchi (regular) soy sauce. Please refer to the page on how to make tamari soy sauce.

Miso that is made using soybeans ferments as you let it sit. It usually takes about 1 year to produce, but the peak of flavor is said to be 3 years.

Ganko Tamari is fermented in kioke for three years without sparing any time and effort, so it becomes a miso or tamari with a deep flavor and body.

The Kioke used for brewing are 200 years old and have been handed down from generation to generation since the Edo period. Brewing microorganisms that live in Kioke keep the taste protected by Denemon.


Ganko Tamari is made from Japanese-grown soybeans and sun-dried salt. It is stored in a Kioke, sealed with stones and aged for 3 years. It contains a lot of umami that is created from the natural maturing process and by making efforts to keep the room clean and at the proper temperature for koji mold.

The Tamari is then freshly squeezed. It contains no sweeteners or preservatives. This gives it a rich, yet smooth, texture and sharp taste.

GANKO TAMARI SHOYU - 24 fl oz(720 ml):

GANKO TAMARI SHOYU - 7 fl oz(200 ml):

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