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  • PREMIUM INGREDIENTS: Umino-sei is the manufacturer of premium salt made with a traditional process called “enden (salt farming).” This soy sauce is produced to maximize the benefits of the salt using organic soybeans and organic wheat that is grown in Japan, as well as mineral water. Other than this product, we can hardly get such a premium soy sauce, even in Japan, which is made from such high quality ingredients.
  • HEALTHY: This soy sauce is fermented for one year in cedar barrels. It's all natural, with no preservatives. It just has wonderful, intense and complex flavors.
  • THE BEST USAGE: Experience the difference in flavor from our soy sauce. It has a full flavor, so it is a great addition to any food. Our artisan soy sauce is rich on the palate, with a saltiness that supports, rather than overwhelms, its many layers of flavor.
  • PREMIUM TASTE: This soy cause has a smooth and balanced taste with a milder, fuller, flavor when compared to most soy sauces. This traditionally brewed soy sauce is a fermented soy food so it has many of the same nutritional properties as soy. The natural fermentation process converts the soy proteins, starches and fats into easily absorbed amino acids, simple sugars and fatty acids.