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  • Soy Dipping Sauce Dishes - Beautiful blue colored, made in Japan, used at official soy sauce competitions.


  • Made in Japan. This is a soy Sauce tasting dish made from a Japanese traditional pottery technique called Mino Yaki. Mino yaki is produced in Gifu prefecture and has a history of 1,300 years.
  • Soy Sauce tasting Dish-There are 6 types of soy sauce in Japan. Each region has its own aroma and taste of soy sauce. By using this tasting dish, you can experience the difference in aroma, taste, and color.
  • Beautiful design - The pattern called "snake eyes" is carefully drawn by craftsmen in a method called "Uwaetuke". You can feel the bumps with your fingers and you can see the beautiful blue snake eye pattern clearly.
  • Authentic soy sauce dish - Under the guidance of the Japan Soy Sauce Technology Center, this product has been created as a product that can be used for the evaluation of soy sauce and is used at soy sauce companies. From 2014 it has also been used by soy sauce manufacturers.
  • Size - 2.5cm x 6.6cm. This is the best size and shape in order to experience the difference in the aroma, taste and color of soy sauce.