About Yugeta Shoyu

Yugeta soy sauce is located in Sakado City, Saitama Prefecture, and they they pride themselves in the use of groundwater which flows from the Chichibu mountain chain as the source of their brewing water. Nearby there are plum grove called the Ogose Bairin, which are known as one of the Kanto region's three major plum groves. There is also a factory in Hidaka City, Saitama Prefecture in which you can enjoy the flowers of the red spider lilies in the upper stream of the Koma river during the autumn season. In the flowering seasons in spring and autumn temporary shops are built there where you can buy Yugeta soy sauce. 


At the facility called Shoyu Okoku (醤油王国), which is attached to the soy sauce storehouse, you can both have a good time and learn how to make, use and preserve soy sauce. There, you can find a store with sales directly from the brewers, hands-on attractions, exhibition rooms and snack stands.

Vision / Passion / Specialty:

Yugeta soy sauce corporation was founded as a soy sauce brewery in 1923, but as a soy sauce storehouse, they have a history of more than 200 years. Their company is based on the idea that soy sauce is a food so it must be safe to eat. They believe that soy sauce is a condiment so it is meaningless if it is not delicious. With these ideals in mind, they keep making soy sauce which represents the tastes of the Japanese people. They produce not only traditional products but also innovative products.

They use only select ingredients, such as domestically produced whole soybeans, wheat and sun-dried sea salt. Soy sauce made only with domestic ingredients accounts for only 0.2% of the total soy sauce in Japan. Furthermore, they make products that are naturally brewed in cedar wooden barrel and fermented for one year. The long term aging make the products delicious and safe to eat.

They also sell raw soy sauce which does not go through heat sterilization or micro-filtration so the microorganisms such as yeast and lactobacillus bacteria are still alive. This means, unfortunately, transportation overseas is not possible due to the need of refrigeration. The raw soy sauce products are called "Premium Raw Soy Sauce" and "Kasaneshikomi Kiage (raw double brewed) Soy Sauce". When visiting Japan, please stop by and try the natural taste of soy sauce.

Many good noodle (ramen, udon and soba) restaurants also use the soy sauce produced by Yugeta.

Kioke Shikomi Shoyu (Wooden Barrel Soy Sauce):

This is popular with ramen restaurant owners because they use it to make their soup. This soy sauce uses selected ingredients such as domestically produced whole soybeans, wheat and sun-dried sea salt before being fermented for one year.


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