About Yamahisa

Shodo island is located in the Seto Inland Sea. In the southeastern part of that island there is a town called Yasudakabuto which is famous for soy sauce production. Hishio no Sato is the name of the street where many soy sauce storehouses stand side by side. One of them is called Yamahisa corporation. Yamahisa's storehouse is designated as a registered tangible cultural property of the country. It is a place where you can feel the history of soy sauce that has developed in Shodo island.

Yamahisa corporation was founded in 1932. Hatsuzo Uematsu was the man who founded the soy sauce brewing company. They continued to use the soy sauce brewery as a family business for their second and third generations. Today, Katsuhisa Uematsu is the fourth generation owner of the company.

Vision / Passion / Specialty:

Their leading products are soy sauces made from all organic ingredients. They use a natural koji (malted rice) which is the base of the soy sauce. The ingredients, organically grown soybeans and wheat (certified by JAS), are brewed naturally and it takes two years to finish the fermentation process. The soy sauce has no additives and it has rich taste and thickness to its palate. It can be used in many different recipes.

Yamahisa corporation's philosophy is to think of the consumer before being a producer as well as to keep making soy sauce using natural brewing techniques. They only use carefully selected ingredients. Domestically produced whole soybeans and wheat are all pesticide-free and chemical-free, which is certified by JAS. The salt they use is made by a solar heat salt making method.
The soy sauce made by the craftsmen who inherited the traditional technology in the historical storehouse using cedar wood barrel has been certified by the Food Industry Center as a "real authentic product." 

Yuki (organic) Shoyu:

Mame Sho:


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