Umi no Sei is a salt manufacturer that makes traditional Japanese sea salt.

The salt factory is located on Izu Oshima, a remote island surrounded by natural beauty. Using the pure seawater carried by the Kuroshio, a north-flowing ocean current on the west side of the North Pacific Ocean, the seawater is dried by the power of the sun and wind in the salt fields in the national park.

In the past, sea salt is made by a traditional method that used fire to extract salt crystals and make delicious, mineral-rich, salt.

There used to be “enden”, or salt farms all over Japan.

In the 1970s, the government changed the method of producing salt and abolished the salt fields in favor of an ion-exchange membrane method.

Against this backdrop, the Japan Edible Salt Research Association led an investigation on salt production on Izu Oshima, calling for the revival of traditional salt production methods. Because of this, the current Umi no Sei Co., Ltd. was born.



Umi no Sei also produces umeboshi (pickled plums), tsukemono (Japanese pickles), and other food products. These products are mainly made with salt made using traditional methods.

In addition, in order to find a way to use this salt to make a delicious soy sauce, we entrusted the salt to the soy sauce breweries that also maintain the brewing methods in traditional wooden barrels or kioke. This produced Uminosei Umashibori soy sauce.

What is noteworthy is the excellence of the ingredients.

Umi no Sei uses organic JAS domestic organic soybeans and domestic organic wheat. Of course, it also uses the traditional sea salt that is manufactured by them.

Even if you look in Japan, a country defined by its soy sauce, you can't find soy sauce made with such high-quality ingredients.

It is a luxurious soy sauce with umami flavor that is squeezed from the rich moromi made by increasing the ratio of soybeans and reducing the amount of water.

 In addition, with the "pasteurization and immediate cooling" method that is used, the flavor of freshly squeezed soy sauce and the rich and mellow fragrance created by the pasteurization can be experienced by anyone.

This is an all-round-player, and we recommend the premium koikuchi (regular) soy sauce.