There are two main types of tastes of the fish and shellfish to eat sashimi. One type of taste is "richly" like tuna, bonito, salmon, yellow-tail, horse mackerel and so on. The other is "refreshing" like sea bream, flounder, calamari, octopus, scallop and so on. If you change soy sauce depending on seafood, you can enjoy the flavor of the ingredients. Of course you can enjoy sashimi with koikuchi (regular color) soy sauce, please try more delicious way of soy sauce.


  • A: richly taste seafood
  • some of tuna, bonito, salmon, yellow-tail, horse mackerel and so on
  • some of tamari soy sauce or saishikomi (doubled-brewed) soy sauce
  • B: refreshing taste seafood
  • some of sea bream, flounder, calamari, octopus, scallop and so on
  • some of usukuchi (light color) soy sauce or sweet soy sauce
  • some of wasabi (If you like)


  1. Put your favorite soy sauce in a small dish.
  2. put a little bit wasabi on a sashimi without without mixing soy sauce.
  3. don't dip in soy sauce too much to enjoy each flavor of soy sauce, wasabi and sashimi.